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Super Stacker 2


About Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2 is a fascinating skill game where you build towers of various shapes with different levels

Everyone's favorite stacking game is back. With 40 additional levels and 4 different difficulty levels, put your stacking abilities to the test. Are you prepared to experiment with forms and build the highest stack ever? Accept your strong squares, dodgy circles and clever triangles! However, watch out for sharp corners. Put the shapes in order and start creating!

Your goal in Super Stacker 2 is to complete each level by trying to build a tower from the forms that have been assigned to you. You must choose the difficulty level before starting the game. At first there were only simple stacks. The remaining content must be unlocked by playing the game and beating all levels. Your stack must stay still for 10 seconds after finishing a level to pass it. The game will ask you to build more complex structures as you go through the stages, not just a mere tower. You can use a variety of shapes, including triangles, squares, and circles.

There are four different difficulty levels in all, each with ten difficulty stages. You can access extra mode if you have completed all 40 levels. You can experiment with creating your own levels if you want! Create your own 2 levels of Super Stacker by selecting 'create your own' from the menu. However, test it first to be sure. You can share your work with the community once you are sure that everything on the level you have developed is working as intended!

One of the many reasons why people love Super Stacker 2 is the excitement of using shapes to build buildings and figures while waiting for 10 seconds to pass without your masterpiece falling apart.

How to play

To join the game, you need to use the mouse to stack objects on top of each other


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