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Square Bird


About Square Bird

Square Bird is a simple and fun rhythm game where your bird will build a square egg tower to avoid danger, remember to be careful

Be prepared, the only way to continue playing Square Bird is to spawn. In real life, birds do not have the ability to continuously lay eggs, but the birds in this game do have this ability. The reality is that there are so many challenges for you to complete and so many obstacles on your way, you need to be alert and attentive to your surroundings.

The countryside has many hills and many other types of scenes, any of which can pose problems for a bird roaming in the form of obstructions. In this game your goal is to reach the next level without colliding with any obstacle in the way. You can control the game with your mouse, so just click anywhere on the screen to get started. However, you need to click anywhere on the screen for your character to appear and start moving on its own.

Your character will be able to go through platforms and holes if you do this as it will be on its egg. Going to the exact height of a platform and walking on it will give you a fever. Once you've earned three fever points, you'll enter fever mode and be able to shoot bullets that quickly remove barriers in your way. If you incubate eggs while in fever mode, they will hatch into coins. You can use them to buy different character skins from the in-game store by purchasing them with the in-game currency.


There are dozens of different skins for characters that can be unlocked and used.
Vivid images in two dimensions.
Intuitive controls
A game that is both entertaining and addictive.
There are many levels to complete.


Use YOUR MOUSE to build square eggs into a tower that keeps you from colliding with other items. You will achieve a 'perfect' landing if you hatch the correct number of eggs to move around the obstacles. Get new coins to buy new costumes for your birds and levels! When you complete three landings without making a single mistake, you'll unlock Fever mode, which causes Square Bird to shoot bricks in front of it to destroy everything in its path. This shot allows you to pass the level significantly simpler. Get fever mode as often as possible to score big.


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