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About Snowball.io

Snowball.io is an action multiplayer game published by Tokyo. This game requires you to fight other players. Become the last survival person to win.

This game was produced in January 2021. Right from the first day of its release, this game has attracted many players with its engaging gameplay and eye-catching graphics. This game has the same multiplayer gameplay as the Aquapark.io game. Coming to this game, you will participate in multiplayer battles. The competition makes you can't stop this game. Besides, the graphics of the snowy area will impress you. You will fight on icebergs floating in the middle of the ocean. A majestic scene but also very scary. Let's start this game to enjoy them!

What are your missions?

Enter your name to start the game. You will be put into matches with many other players. Your mission is to destroy all other players to win. In order to kill opponents, you need to move to create a snowball. The longer you move, the bigger the snowball. While moving, aim to throw this snowball. Throw it at other players to knock them into the ocean. Falling into the ocean means death. You should be careful while creating the snowball. Other players also always want to destroy you. You can dodge these dangerous balls.

In addition, you have another way to attack other players instead of snowballing. You can crash and knock other players. These attacks are quite easy to destroy your opponent. You should also be careful of people approaching you. They may want to attack you in this way.

However, collision with the ball is not too dangerous. On impact, you will be sent flying. While flying, you can control your character back to the iceberg. If this happens, you can continue the race. Note that the iceberg will gradually collapse. Those red areas will collapse soon. Be careful!

Your character will grow bigger. The more enemies you kill, the bigger your size. When you're big, it's harder for enemies to knock you off the ice. This is an advantage for you.

You will get points for each play. The higher the rank, the higher your score. This score will be used to calculate your level.

More Information about the Snowball.io game

You can participate in the challenges in this game. The challenge has 6 rounds: Round 1, Round 2, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and final. You need to win the previous rounds to advance to the next rounds. You will receive a Santa Claus skin for the final round victory. This is one of the most loved skins of this game.

There are different skins in this multiplayer game. If you've ever played the Rolling Ball 3D game, you know how much character diversity affects the game's appeal. You will become more excited when you unlock new characters. You should play as much as possible in this game to unlock the characters. Your characters will automatically unlock while you are playing. The more achievements you achieve, the more characters you can get. For example, you can unlock the Blue Car character by creating 3 snowballs bigger than yourself. If you make 6 snowballs bigger than yourself, you will get a Green Supercar character. Or you can get the Ninja Car character if you win Diamond Rank.

In addition, you have leaderboards to keep track of your achievements. You can see your rank, number of plays, highest rank, number of wins, total EXP, and total skills. Besides, max kill in one game, max size of a snowball, and total distance you moved are also available

How to control: Slide your mouse to control your character.


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