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Snake Game


About Snake Game

Snake Game is the famous snake game that is quite stressful. Control your snake carefully move and eat other snakes to increase your size and score!

Most gamers are used to playing snake game. One of the games that some people remember playing as children is called the snake game. Although it has been around for a long time, the game Snakes of prey is still loved by many gamers around the globe. Today, many additional variations of the snake game, each with its own set of dedicated components, are available. Therefore, games with good mechanics will always be loved. Because the gameplay is very easy to understand, anyone can play this game. The older solid versions included unattractive visuals and had a simple design. To overcome this shortcoming, we have sent players around the globe a new version of the snake game. This is a game called Snake Game.

The players will meet in the middle of the playing field. To become the longest snake imaginable, you will need to consume as much food as possible. Since you and the other participants are all working towards the same goal, there is bound to be some healthy competition. You have the ability to attack and destroy other players' snakes. Your opponent also has the ability to dodge your snake's attacks and kill it.

Your goal in this game is to control a juvenile viper. This snake will roam in a play area with a large number of other snakes. You'll notice lots of crispy ruby ​​red apples as you walk down the road. These delicious apples will satisfy your snake's ravenous appetite. Find your way through this snake so you can eat the apple. It definitely piqued your attention, right? Apples, not meat, are what the snakes in this game will consume. Your snake will not only be full from eating these apples, but will also continue to grow.

You can expect a large number of other players with the same goals as you. Because of this, there will be a lot of competition. The heads of these snakes are where they are most vulnerable. Your snake will be disqualified from the competition if its head comes into contact with another player's body. Also, you have to be careful to avoid hitting your head on the playground fence. In such a case, you will have to start the game again. You must not allow anyone to hinder your progress or attack you. Stay proactive in whatever you're doing.

How to play

You can control your snake by using mouse or arrow keys. Beware of other snakes!


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