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Slope Ball


About Slope Ball

Play Slope Ball to explore a world with various new planets and mascots. Become a ball and rescue mascot by overcoming obstacles and reaching the end.

This game is an amazing combination of the Slope Game game and the Geometry Dash game. Come to Slope Ball to participate in the ball’s adventures. Your ball needs to rescue mascots of the Shadow planet, including T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Ferocious Bear Megatherium, and the Shark Megalodon. This planet is attacked by evil. Mascots transform into monsters and destroy this poor planet. Find gems to make them return.

How to play the Slope Ball game

In order to control your character, you need to use the left mouse button, up arrow key, or spacebar. This game has simple controls with just one button. However, the game is never easy. This game will give you adventurous adventures. Along the way, you will encounter a series of obstacles such as spikes, pits, animated hazards, and saw-blades. Animated hazards can move while other obstacles do not. These obstacles appear continuously. You need to stay calm when these obstacles appear unexpectedly. Obstacles appear as the character approaches and they disappear as the character passes through them.

Levels, Items, and Portals in this running game

Like the Rolling Ball 3D game, this game will provide you with an exciting experience with the main character, a Ball. However, this game will take you to an adventure world with 11 different levels. Each level has different challenges. Levels will become increasingly difficult. The obstacles become increasingly complex. 

In addition, there are items that help you overcome obstacles. Jumping pads help you jump up automatically. Jump rings or Jump orbs help you jump in the air, but it is not automatic. You need to press your mouse again to perform the second jump. These items are needed to jump over large spikes. However, you need to be careful with these items. There are unnecessary items. You need to pay attention to the symbol above the items. If there is an arrow, you can use items. If an X appears, you should ignore the item. Besides, you should follow the instructions of the game.

Moreover, this game has 7 portals and 7 characters. You can transform into one of the following characters: Ball, Ship, Cube, UFO, Robot, Wave, and Spider. Each of these characters has a different way of moving. 

The Ball character will move by rolling the ball. The ball automatically rolls according to the slope of the map. When you make the jump, the ball spins in the air and lands. 

  • The Ship character automatically flies in the air. When you press the control button, it will fly up. Release the control button, the ship will tilt its head down and plunge down. 
  • The Cube character moves along the slope of the map but the cube only rotates when performing aerial jumps. The Cube will land at a 180 or 360 angle depending on the height of the jump. 
  • The UFO character has the same way of moving as the Ship character. However, the UFO has the ability to jump a second time in the air. 
  • The Robot character moves like the Cube character. However, it does not rotate when jumping.
  • The Wave character moves in a zigzag path. This character will change the direction of movement after pressing the control button. 
  • The Spider character moves like the Cube character, but it moves on its own.

They appear when passing through the portal of the same name. You can distinguish portals by their color.

  • Ship portal: pink
  • Ball portal: orange
  • Cube portal: green 
  • UFO portal: yellow-orange
  • Wave portal: light blue
  • Robot portal: white
  • Spider portal: dark purple


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