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Slope 3


About Slope 3

Slope 3 is a thrilling game of dribbling that you cannot ignore. Try a shortlist of this most loved game.

The goal of the game is to control a ball as it slides down slopes while avoiding obstacles and maintaining focus on the route. The ideal scenario would be to get the ball to go as far as it can without striking anything solid or dropping into a very deep gap. The length of your race determines how quickly the ball moves down the track.

The ball starts out slowly before picking up speed as quickly as you can. With each successful leap, your score will rise one point. Try to maintain control of the ball for as long as you can considering that the course is infinite and there are no levels or stages. Increase your score to take the top spot on the leaderboard. But watch your step and keep an eye on the ball, not to mention the apparently unending racetrack.

The slopes are filled with a variety of outrageous moving hazards, fatal pits, barricades, and challenging stuff. Additionally, the ball could react immediately to any little modification. As a result, you shouldn't keep your hands on the keyboard keys for too long since doing so might cause the ball to fall into the water.


Slope 3 characteristics:

Designs in 3D neon are striking.
Slopes that rapidly alter
You'll face a variety of strange and challenging obstacles, like moving barriers, dangerous tunnels, and lethal walls.
The leaderboard displays the top player.
Full-screen mode is an option.

Slope 3 instructions:

A/Left arrow Indicates Leftward movement

D/Right arrow Indicates Right movement


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