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Slope 2


About Slope 2

Slope 2 is a challenging running game. Your goal is to roll a ball as far as you can to level up and avoid dangerous obstacles along the racetrack.

This game is the second installment of the Slope Game series. This game was released with the desire to bring a game that is suitable for a wider audience. The Slope 2 game has been adjusted for difficulty compared to Slope Game. This game has a lower difficulty. You can control the ball to travel long distances the first time you play. When playing the Slope Game, you can only get less than 10 points the first time you play. However, in this second version, you can confidently achieve more points.

In addition, Slope 2 also has similar gameplay to the Rolling Ball 3D game. Both of these games offer ball adventures. You can adapt to the game well as well as score high. However, these two games are still considered two completely different games because of the different gameplay and arrangement of obstacles. Let's go to the game Slope 2 to see the special thing!

The gameplay of the Slope 2 games

Your task is to control the ball to avoid hitting obstacles. You also need to avoid falling into space. If these two things happen, the game is over. Try to run as far as possible. The farther you run, the higher your level. The higher your level, the harder the game's difficulty. Because the game will increase obstacles and increase the speed of the ball at high levels. Use your controls to guide the ball safely. Print order to control the ball. You use the arrow keys. Use the left arrow key to move left and the right arrow key to move right.

The challenges you can face when playing Slope 2

There are many different dangers in this running game. The first problem is speed. Your ball will automatically move at high speed. You have to react quickly because the ball won't wait for you. The fast pace will make it difficult for you to play at first. The next time you play, you can completely control the game. The second difficulty is the platforms. The platforms in this game come in many different shapes. They can also move. This will make it difficult for you to keep your balance. Besides, you also need to pay special attention to obstacles. Any red obstacle is dangerous. If you collide with them, your ball will break. The difficulty of the game will increase when these obstacles can move.

Power-ups for superpower

This game has 3 power-ups that help you get special abilities. This game offers power-ups such as Double Coins, Protect Shield and Magnet. Double Coin helps you to double the number of diamonds you get. Protect Shield helps you avoid obstacles. When you hit obstacles while activating your shield, you won't die. The magnet helps you to suck diamonds from nearby areas.

Come on! Tap to play Slope 2 now and have fun!

How to control: Press the “ARROW KEYS” and “WASD” keys to control a ball.


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