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Sky Rolling Ball


About Sky Rolling Ball

Sky Rolling Ball is great online game. This is a new version that is played by millions of people. Drop the ball and roll on the road so as not to fall

Playing Sky Rolling Ball has no adverse effects on your child's brain as it is entertaining and rewarding. Just keep an eye on the ball as it rolls left and right and control it by tapping the appropriate keys. You won't find a game easier to understand than this one, I assure you!

In this crazy running game called Sky Rolling Ball, you control a fast ball that is rolling down a non-stop slope. You can collect as many red diamonds to buy power-ups. Run as long as you can while trying to avoid falling off the cliff.

In this game your goal is to go as far as you can through an unusual environment where everything moves. Along the route there will be thousands of crimson crystals and diamonds. You can use the in-game currency you earn from collecting those crystals to buy power-ups and upgrades that will help you overcome obstacles and advance in the game. .

You can also purchase a new skin for your ball, but doing so is completely optional and has no functional benefit (except maybe to look cooler). While fast movement is advantageous, the main goal is to avoid traps and cliffs to live as long as possible. Shields are one of the power-ups you can buy and it will essentially give you extra lives.

Use Arrow keys to move the Ball Left or Right


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