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Shot Shot


About Shot Shot

Shot Shot is fun game for you. Tap the ball as quickly and accurately as possible to hit the basket within the time limit to get a high score.

Now you have access to the most famous street basketball player thanks to Shot Shot. To get a high score, you have to mine as fast and accurate as possible within the allotted time of this game

While relaxing on the sofa, you can join one of your favorite video games. Are you finding yourself more bored at home? If that's the case, why not try your hand-eye coordination while having the time of your life? We offer an amazing challenge that you can also face in video games. You will score a lot of points by successfully shooting the basketballs into the hoop. We can't give you any tickets at this time, but in return we'll give you lots of goodies and brand new glowing skins! Let's start this game now!

It's time to put some points on the board! If you have ever had fun playing arcade games, you must have come across an entertaining game called Shooting. We are willing to bet that you have seen a slot machine with basket and ball that allows you to test your aim and learn a significant score. Usually, these devices will give you tickets that can be redeemed for prizes like toys.

However, once you reach this point in the game, you'll be able to use your earnings to unlock flashy, new skins. Your task is to put as many balls into the basket in the shortest amount of time possible. You are fighting against time constraints in an attempt to achieve the desired number of shots. If you cannot reach the target amount before the time limit expires, the game is over and you have to start from the beginning of the level. As you go further, the level of challenge the game offers will also increase.

Vivid images in two dimensions.
There are several difficult levels to complete.
Sparkling unlockable skins of various types
Fun and exciting game

To get a high score, you will need to mine as quickly and accurately as possible within the allotted time.


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