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Roller Splat!


About Roller Splat!

Play Roller Splat to solve amazing puzzles that requires an intelligent brain. Control a magical ball and fill all the mazes with many beautiful colors.

Do you believe in your skills? Roller Splat will help you prove your intelligence. In this game, you have to find a way to reach the hidden corners with the magical ball. It is simple to control, but it has many challenges. Besides that, the Rolling Ball 3D game is also an interesting game worth your attention because not everyone can skillfully move the ball far away, and test how far your driving skills are.

Mazes are also only a simple white color. Use your skills to color all the paths in the maze. Let's turn the maze from a monochromatic area into a colorful maze. No one is not fond of bright colors. Come to this game to start giving color to this game world.

In order to color the maze, you need to move the ball. The areas the ball passes through will be colored. However, the movement of the ball is not normal because the ball cannot stop in the middle of the road. You are forced to move from corner to corner. You need to calculate to move to the difficult corners of this game. The ball only rolls straight, so you have to make a plan to fill the white mazes.

Now, don't wait anymore. Let's try Roller Splat to show your intelligence and have fun.

Features of the Roller Splat game

  • Unlock the new balls when passing the level and watching ads
  • Color the white maze with eye-catching colors
  • Interesting and fun game with many levels
  • Easy controls and simple gameplay

How to control: Swipe the mouse to move the ball.

Levels and Skins in Roller Splat

This game is developed by Yello Games LTD. Right from the first day of release on July 3, 2020, the game has impressed with the number of levels and diverse skins. There are many levels in the Roller Splat game. In the first levels, the mazes are very simple. However, in the next levels, the mazes are extremely complicated. Therefore, you have to move the ball many rounds to color all the corners and corridors with wonderful colors.

Moreover, you can change the ball when you unlock the new balls. How to unlock them? The method is to pass the levels. When you complete the levels, the game will reward you with the corresponding skin. The higher the level, the more beautiful and unique the skin. For example, you can unlock basketball skin at level 30, donut skin at level 50, melon skin at level 150, strawberry skin at level 300, and tank skin at level 375. There are many other skins like football, baseball, golfball, pumpkin, unicorn, pig, etc. Each skin will bring a different color at each level.

Besides, you can also unlock skins by watching ads. The skins received from this selection are very unique. You can get the brain, beach ball, ice cube, star, and tyre skins.


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