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Red Ball 5


About Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5 is an exciting ball game, your task is to lead the red ball to jump, collect star coins while avoiding obstacles.

The greatest baseball game in history was this one. To get rid of the terrible obstacles in its path, the player in the bouncing game must roll the ball extremely carefully. You have to roll each ball and guide it around the obstacles while playing this game with bouncing balls. You also have to collect all the yellow stars to assist the ball in its journey.

To complete each level, your special goal is to open the portal at the end of it. You must collect a certain number of stars scattered across the levels to open the portal. In the top right corner of the screen, you can see how many stars you still need to achieve. It will be very simple to collect some stars. Some of them need some puzzle solving to access, as they are hidden behind locked doors or on higher floors. There is a secret treasure box in every level.

You should be sure to look at every crevice of the level as the paths to these hidden treasures are hidden until you get near them. Also, each level has opponents that you can beat or avoid. The Red Orb will take damage when you encounter an enemy with horns, however you can lunge at an enemy without horns to kill them. Look at your life in the top left corner of the screen. The game ends after you have used up all three of your lives. Watch the timer as you have to complete each level before the time expires. Try to complete every level with three stars by carefully planning your moves!

Over a hundred levels of rolling balls
Stunning, vivid graphics
There are several different types of evil creatures to fight, including spiders and spiny cacti.
How to play simple but attractive
Platformer features physics-based gameplay and amazing, adventure-filled levels.
Optimized size and best possible image.
Platform levels with unique and hard physics.
threats, enemies and unique physical and dynamic components.
Simple touch controls.

To roll the ball, use the right and left arrow keys at the same time.
Use up arrow to jump the ball.
To prevent the ball from bouncing in front of dangerous fences, use the DOWN ARROW KEY.
While the ball is rolling, get the required number of gold stars.
To advance to the next level, locate the magic door and use the ball to navigate it.
Observe the collection of boxes with crates.
Engage in challenging yet thrilling progressively challenging levels.


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