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Real Bus Simulator 3D


About Real Bus Simulator 3D

Real Bus Simulator 3D is a game that helps car lovers will help you be satisfied with the unique experience of transforming into a bus driver with bus stations that bring a sense of excitement and attraction.

- This is a simple game for those who don't like risk or challenge, it's like you're experiencing

- Virtual fleet of buses urgently need a bus driver. Join the Real Bus Simulator 3D game and get behind the wheel of a free car and drive on the route.

- You must then stop exactly at the blue zones before stopping to pick up or drop off passengers.

- The fare will be paid, and the amount will be accumulated in the upper left corner.

- With the coins received, you can buy a new bus or upgrade an old bus.

- Avoid dangerous roads carefully and follow the rules to get passengers to safety. You can control it with the WASD keys or the pedals drawn in the lower left and right corners of Real Bus Simulator 3D.

How to join:

Start moving and you can earn gold coins by transporting passengers to stations and completing the current level.

Note: Keep calm and drive steady!


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