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Potion Flip


About Potion Flip

Potion Flip is a fun online halloween game, you have to flip the potion into the pot to complete each level in this Halloween game

Challenging skill game goal - flip a rare magic potion into a cauldron without it breaking or falling to the floor. You can reach the platform and pass the levels by jumping in the direction you want. To conquer the toughest hurdles, you'll need to time your double jumps correctly. The massive castle that belonged to a powerful wizard from the past will become the perfect arena for more and more rigorous tests. When you collide with weapon racks, lampstands, or other spellbooks, your equilibrium will be lost and spinning pigs will send you bouncing around in areas you can't reach. Before you reach the cauldron at the end of each level, you'll have a chance to collect three stars. Getting all the stars will be a difficult task, requiring you to carefully analyze the path and show great technique while jumping.

Potion Flip is a game of the mage genre and its goal is for you to create as many allies as possible with potions. You'll have a lot of fun with the potion, and its main ability is to jump as far as possible across the room it's in, but you'll need to direct it to the magic potion so Harry Potter can concoct it. The latest kind of magical remedy.

Pay attention to all the things around you and do your best to avoid taking any wrong steps, as doing so could endanger your life. If you let go of the bottle, you will be able to break it and as a result the magician will be forced to ask you a question. If you complete a level successfully, you will be rewarded with extra points. These points will help you feel more satisfied while playing the game, and you can use them to unlock new levels and missions, such as one that gets you started with a possible elixir. allows you to jump higher.

It's important to note that you have the ability to double jump if you want to go further; however, to do so, you will need to tap the screen twice at different intervals. Only then will you be able to overcome further obstacles.

Determine how far you have to jump to the potion to successfully transfer it into the cauldron. In this spooky but fun game, you need to collect coins to open more potion doors. To test your talent, you'll need to complete fifty stages, each of which will be both entertaining and difficult. Avoid obstacles and drop potions to the ground.


You control the game with your mouse; just click to flip the potion


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