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Paintball Racers

About Paintball Racers

Paintball Racers is a game that shoots paintballs at your opponents to slow them down while your race to the finish line. Collect exciting power-ups as you move.

Get in your car and compete with other vehicles in a messy kitchen for first place. Shoot your opponents if they dare to outdo you while you avoid the many forks, spoons and knives that may appear on the kitchen counter. Collect powerups, develop your turbo and blow your opponents in your exhaust as you race to the finish line with Paintball Racers.

Make racing more fun by mounting powerful weapons on your hood. Your goal as a player is to finish each race in first place while progressing through the game's 20 levels. Your car has weapons and a turbocharger that you can use if you fall behind due to misplaced discs or discs along the way. To turn on turbo, use the Z key.

You have to refresh your turbo gauge after each use as it is not endless. Your turbocharger will replenish after every stunt, such as jumping down a ramp or playing wheelchair basketball. You can outrun every other cyclist if you use it wisely! Need more power? To gain the upper hand in this competitive race, you can use one of four different boosters, which can be purchased with the money you earn in each level. Shoot someone now! The nasty racer has been chasing you for a while; Use your weapons to eliminate them. Four distinct ammo types in Paintball Racers, each with a unique impact that you can collect! Put on your helmet and show those riders that you are the only winner in this race!

- Use WASD or arrow keys to control your car.
- Press Z key to activate turbo, press X key to jump and use SPACEBAR to shoot paint gun


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