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Monster Soccer 3D


About Monster Soccer 3D

Monster Soccer 3D is a fun soccer game for one or two players. Choose a monster character before you start the game. Gain more points in 90 seconds to win!

This football game becomes exciting when your main characters are monsters. It also adds an element of novelty because the players you control don't look like the real-life soccer players you know and love. Instead of regular players, you will transform into monsters with bizarre bodies and faces in various colors. In particular, when they move, the expressions and movements of the limbs are very funny. The characters are monsters but you'll find them lovable rather than scary.

Right now, you can turn into a monster soccer player!

Moreover, you can choose your monster's design before being placed on the pitch. The monsters are designed with different colors and expressions. You can choose based on your mood. For example, you can choose a pink monster with an angry face when you are angry. You can also choose the purple monster with a boring face on sad days. Besides, there are many other skins such as an orange monster with an angry face, a green monster with a wide mouth full of sharp teeth, or a monster with the shape of a boxing dog. In addition, this game has amazing 3D graphics. Designed like the Rolling Ball 3D game, this game offers vivid images with eye-catching colors.

How to play Monster Soccer 3D

Each soccer match in this game lasts for 90 seconds. The two teams will compete against each other. The team that gets more points wins. You won't have a goalkeeper, so you should be careful with your opponent's shots. You will be playing as a player and a goalkeeper at the same time. Tasks are many. Therefore, you should focus on the game. You only have 90 seconds!

2 game modes in the Monster Soccer 3D game

There are 2 game modes in the Monster Soccer 3D game. You may pick between 1P and 2P mode from the main menu, with the two-player option being the most enjoyable.

In 1P mode, you will play alone against the CPU. It is not easy to win the CPU. Your opponent with artificial intelligence can make amazing ball shots. Therefore, please be careful. Besides, 2P mode allows you to play with another player on the same device. You can invite friends or relatives to play online football together. Playing in 2P mode will be very exciting because you can directly react to your opponent, and so will the opponent. The match will take place more realistically.

In addition, you can choose to play with bots or not play without bots in both modes. If you choose to play with bots, your team will have an extra member. Your team will only have one member if you choose to play without bots. Do you want someone to support you or not? Choose for you the most suitable mode!

How to control

1P Mode: Use arrow keys to move and the space bar to kick.

2P Mode:

  • Player 1: Use the ARROWS to move and the L to kick.
  • Player 2: Move using WASD and kick with G.


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