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Monkey Mart


About Monkey Mart

What you need to do in Monkey Mart

Coming to this game, you will become the boss of a supermarket which is responsible for providing food for monkeys in the town.

Your supermarket sells many kinds of food, most of them are organic food like bananas and corn. They are all favorite and familiar foods for monkeys. Besides, you also sell eggs, milk and many other foods. To get these products to market, you need to grow and harvest them, then put them on store shelves. Consumers will come and pick up what they want to buy and then go to the cashier to pay.


Use the arrow keys for movements.

Some interesting details in Monkey Mart

All objects in this game are monkeys, including the seller and the buyer. This makes the game very fun and lovely.

Supermarket development

Once you have made a lot of money, don't forget to expand your supermarket. That way you can attract more customers, sell more types of products. It is also an opportunity for you to increase your income in Monkey Mart. However, as your supermarket grows, customers will surely come in large numbers. Make sure you don't keep consumers waiting for a long time to purchase and pay.

Your staff in Monkey Mart

If you hire more monkey staff in this game, they can help you reduce your daily workload. They will help you manage the cashier counter, harvest and arrange the agricultural products on the shelves. In Monkey Mart, you also can upgrade for your staffs so that they can do their work more effectively. In addition, if you would like to search for another type of game, what do you think about Rolling Roll 3D? This is an extremely fascinating running game.


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