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About Mancala

Mancala is a strategy game for 2 players with colored stones arranged, trying to capture all or some of the opponent's pieces.

Two rows of six holes form the game board and have a bank on either side. Your bankroll is to the right of the board and your hole is at the bottom. Although gems come in a variety of colors, the gameplay is not affected by color.

Six player pits, each containing four gems, for a total of 24 gems for each player's side and 48 gems overall. Each player in turn collects all the gems in a hole on their side of the board and distributes them in turn counterclockwise to the next hole. Sowing is the term for this action.

The player can play again if the last gem from their previous move is placed in their Mancala. The last gem in the player's move is placed in an empty square on their side of the board, and if at least one is in the tile on the other side of the board, the gems in both squares will be added to the player's bankroll.

When one player's hole is completely empty, the game is over. The remaining gems on the other player's side can be added to their mancala. The winner is the person with the most jewels in their bankroll.

How to play

Use mouse to join the game.


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