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I Like Pizza


About I Like Pizza

I Like Pizza is an exciting running arcade game in which you need to make delicious pizzas to serve customers to earn money and expand your restaurant.

In this game, your task is to collect ingredients and make pizza. Ingredients and machines are available on the go. You just need to collect and bring it to the destination. Along the way, there are lumps of flour. Collect them and bring them to the stamping machine, then to the ketchup pump, to the grill, to the cheese slicer, and to the restaurant. You can give this pizza to the shipper or serve it to customers at the store. When you serve customers right at the store, the amount you get will be higher. However, in order to have a seat for customers, you must unlock the seat. Note that pizzas will spoil if you bake them twice.

There are many different levels. Each level has a different arrangement of ingredients. In particular, you will also face obstacles that will reduce your number of cakes. After each level, you will receive the appropriate amount from each dish that you make. You will also open the pieces of the next dish. You can expand your restaurant with new dishes like doughnuts and hot dogs.

Features of I Like Pizza

  • The fascinating running and cooking game
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Various levels and food

How to control: Slide your mouse to move.

How to play




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