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Helicopter Rescue


About Helicopter Rescue

Helicopter Rescue is a game to rescue hostages from enemies using shooting weapons and escape from obstacles to escape by plane.

Prepare yourself to save lives while you are in the cockpit of a helicopter. You've probably played some games involving rescue helicopters, which include a special combination of objectives and challenges.

Explore a huge open world while flying some of the most incredible rescue helicopters ever created. The villains are chasing the captive as they are trapped in the ceiling, and the hostages need assistance. You are our savior because you can fly the helicopter. Can you assist this guy in completing thirty more challenging levels? Then pick up the mouse and start this game!

The objective of this game is to rescue the person stuck on the roof while avoiding the helicopter crash. Because of this, you absolutely cannot afford to go wrong while you are in control of the helicopter! If you are killed in an accident, the game is over and you cannot level up. If you cannot hang the helicopter within the allotted time, the plane will explode and you will have to start the level again. When you click, think hard and think hard about what you're doing. Are you ready to rescue those who have been imprisoned on the rooftops and finish this game?

If you enjoy playing games that include shooting, then you really must play Helicopter Rescue! Free the hostages from enemy captivity and then clear the way for them to safely depart the plane. Maintain focus on your objective and be ready to engage the enemy immediately to stop them from rescuing the captives. Join us and start this game now!

How to play

Use your mouse to play this game, aim them and shoot!


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