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Halloween Ghost Balls


About Halloween Ghost Balls

Halloween Ghost Balls is a Halloween themed ball breaking game that gives your ball more when it comes in contact with blue flames and completes quests.

In the Halloween version of Ghost Balls, you can fly into the air with ghosts. Prepare yourself to celebrate the next holiday season with those closest to you as Halloween approaches. These ghosts are standing by and ready to help, but you can also lend them a hand.

In this fun and extremely simple game, you will be flying with a group of ghosts that are prepared to make a splash this year Halloween. You will try to maintain their company while educating them about the attractive platform. The platforms of each level will surprise you in a variety of ways, including by presenting you with challenges, fascinating twists, and lots of other elements of surprise.

You will need to carefully drag your mouse over the bends and obstacles to get through this part of the level and earn enough ghosts to complete the level objective. By doing things this way, you will ensure that as few ghosts as possible are left behind. You should also be careful when flying over blue flames, as doing so will increase the number of ghosts you catch. You will only succeed in completing a level of the game if you can avoid getting caught in any traps and lead a sufficient number of ghosts through the portal at the end of each level.
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Use mouse to play, hold to move


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