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Going Balls


About Going Balls

Going Balls is a fantastic running adventure game in which you have to keep the balance of a ball and overcome all obstacles to go to your destination.

The Going Balls game is a new ball-rolling game. This game is designed based on the theme of the ball. If you often play online games, you may often see Rolling Ball 3D or Slope Game games. These two games are two famous games in the running world. However, the game Going Balls quickly attracted players and were no less than the other two games. This running game will give you a new feeling when controlling the ball on complex roads. The gameplay is simple but interesting. You will probably spend hours playing this game. Be careful!

Swipe, swipe, swipe to complete a level

Your task is to control a ball to reach the finish line. After you reach the finish line, you will finish that level and proceed to the next level. This game offers many different levels with different difficulties. The higher the level, the more challenging you will be because of the more complex maps and obstacles. However, the more levels you pass, the more experience you gain. Then you will no longer worry about dangers. You just need to use your dexterity to guide the ball.

During the move, you need to avoid falling into space. You move on a road in the middle of the sky. The two sides are endless spaces. You will have to replay that level if you fall. There are barricades on both sides of the road. They guarantee your safety. However, there are also some areas without barricades. You must move very carefully in areas where there are no barriers. It is very easy to fall into these areas.

In addition, you should pay attention to the map. Each level has its own map. You can move on straight roads. You may also have to navigate the winding roads. Moreover, you may also have to fall from one path to the other road to keep moving forward.

More Information about the Going Balls game

Remember to avoid the obstacles on the way. You can collect gold coins and additional balls along the way. Addition balls will help you respawn after death. Use coins to unlock new skins for your ball. There are many different balls for you to unlock.

Let's finish all of the levels to demonstrate your talents and abilities. This game is a challenging collection of barriers with increasingly complex duties at every turn. You must escape falling into space while avoiding square items balls in your route. Make it to the finish line. When you reach the finish line, you have completed the level and are ready to move on to the next one.

Features of Going Balls

  • Easy controls: Just swipe the screen
  • A variety of balls to choose from
  • Dodge the obstacles and traps along the way
  • Complete various challenging tasks
  • Challenge a lot of unique levels
  • 3D cartoon graphics

How to control: Use arrow keys or WASD or swipe to control the ball.


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