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Digger Ball 2


About Digger Ball 2

Anyone who likes to travel underground is called a digger. They are perfectly oriented in underground tunnels, looking for all moves and exits.

In the game Digger Ball 2, peach balls are balls that you have to throw into a tube buried deep in the ground or in Persian. You have to dig a tunnel for each ball like a mole.

It is important that it has an inclined surface, otherwise the ball will not roll. The end of the corridor must lean on the top of the pipe for the ball to fall into it and then the level will be successfully completed in Digger Ball 2. You will have to overcome different obstacles, there will be more and more in each level degree.

In the second part of the game Digger Ball 2, you will continue to work on a special digger. Before you appear on the screen, you will see a sphere of a certain color lying on the surface of the earth

At a certain depth underground, a special well will be seen. You will have to make the ball fall into the well. To do this, use your mouse to dig an underground tunnel. A ball that follows it will fall into the well and you will get a certain number of points for this.

Use the mouse or touch the screen!


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