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Demon Killer


About Demon Killer

Demon Killer is a shooter where the goal is to eliminate bad creatures while avoiding being killed by the waves.

In the video game Demon Killer, you are the only one who can stop the Demon King from destroying the planet! You must equip yourself with a full collection of weapons to be able to repel the attack launched by hostile forces. Get the gold and run away from those demons! You will need to modify your weapon to increase its power and get more ammo. When damaging an enemy, the aim should be to aim for the head to maximize their impact. Are you strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the devil?

Demon Killer is the first game of its kind as it combines the intricate combat mechanics of some of the best 3D rhythms, like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, with the traditional mechanics of 2D cams in a way like never before. performed previously. For example, you can throw enemies into the air, jump walls to place yourself on top of them, and then Katana slam them to the ground. You can stay in the air and escape the collapsing platforms by switching to Naginata and using Naginata Lift while moving in the air. You can also pull enemies close to you so you can deal with them while you're in the air. While defending yourself from enemies, you can go between levels, through abysses, and through fire pits by rotating the grappling hook.

Players have access to a variety of environment supports in each level to aid them in different confrontations. You can use your movements to throw enemies into spikes, pits, or other deadly items; Alternately, you can cut props from a structure and watch it crush your enemies as it falls. Be cautious, however, as knocking down a structure by just one lone person is a definite way to bring back the blues!

As part of my mission, I'll help craft the game's story, recommend new versions of enemies to provide more variety to fights, and adjust damage and severity. importance of encounters with the enemy in battle.


Playing this game requires the use of a mouse.


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