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Death Run 3D


About Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D is a running platform game, as long as you can run far and dodge all the dangers ahead

As you sprint through the tunnel at breakneck speed, feel the rush of excitement. Remember that tunnels are full of hidden dangers. These barriers change and it is not known where they will go. You'll hit them and the run will be over if you don't pay attention a bit. To avoid them at all costs, use your fingers and quick eyes to move left, right, up or down. In addition, playing the game requires intense concentration. The game will be over with the slightest diversion. Try your best to go far and earn the biggest score possible. Invite your friends to play Death Run 3D with you and aim to beat them.

There are four tracks in this game, each with its own difficulty level. At the start of the game, all of them are accessible for use. Therefore, you can choose one of them and play for free. Remember that each course has its own terrain and challenges.

You can enjoy the following 4 thrilling race tracks:

  • Maelstrom: The difference between the obstacle course on this track and the others is obvious. In addition, the running speed is really slow. To train your reflexes, you should start with Maelstrom if you are a player who is just starting to explore the game.
  • Superluminal: Some movable squares on this track come out of nowhere from the tunnel walls. In this course, it will be the hardest for you to run.
  • Hyper Maelstrom track is a harder variant of the Maelstrom track. You will start this race quickly and will have to avoid more significant obstacles. Players possessing the necessary abilities to master the game should only use this track.
  • Hyper Superluminal: Test your mettle with this track if you've mastered all the others. Due to more dangerous and challenging obstacles, this version of Superluminal is more difficult.

Building your plan is very important if you want to win this game with a good score. These hints will help you get through the four levels of the game.

To get into the scoreboard, try to get the highest score possible. The game has four leaderboards. Daily, weekly, monthly and all-time charts are displayed. They all list the top 10 players in the world along with their rankings. The highest score recorded on the all-time leaderboard is 5640. Can you beat this best mark and claim the top spot?

How to play

Use your mouse to join this game!


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