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Bumpy Ball


About Bumpy Ball

Bumpy Ball is a free game developed similar to Angry birth in the genre of casual. Control a ball to collect rings and overcome as many platforms as possible.

Up to now, this game has thousands of downloads. Besides the Rolling Ball 3D game, this game is one of the favorite games on our website. You can use your smartphone or tablet, or simply want to experience this game on your computer's big screen that will keep you hooked for hours. When participating in the game there are many colors for you to choose from, hold the mouse so that the ball does not fall into the eye or the walls, otherwise you will have to end the game and start over. The gameplay is very simple. Smash objects of the same color, and avoid other color objects! How far can you go? Play Bumpy Ball now and enjoy this addictive casual game!

Super casual time killer game that you can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours! Let's see some unique features of Bumpy Ball to learn its attraction!

  • Casual game
  • One-touch gameplay is easy to learn
  • Fixed game, hard to play
  • Free-to-play starter game
  • Play for all ages
  • Play this relaxing and satisfying jumping and entertaining game for hours!
  • Easy and simple to start, a blast hard to finish

4 basic sections on the main menu

As soon as you click on this game, you will see the main menu with 4 buttons: Play, Shop, Reward, and Quit. The first item is the Play button. This is where you start the round. With a simple tap, you can advance to this game in no time. Besides, the Shop section is an option you need to keep in mind. Here you can unlock new balls with special looks. There are 8 different balls. Each ball needs a different number of rings. The higher the number of rings, the more colors on the ball. You also need to pay attention to the ring color. Each ball needs a different type of ring.

The third section is Reward. At this option, you can get daily prizes. Every day logging into the game helps you get the rings. The more you log in, the higher the number of rings. For example, you will receive 1 ring on the first day. It is 3 rings for the 2nd day, 6 rings for the 3rd day, 10 rings for the 4th day, 15 for the 5th day, 21 for the 6th day, and 28 for the 7th day. Daily login is one Nice way to help you get rings easily. In particular, this job does not take much of your time. The Quit Section helps you get out of the game. After pressing the exit button, you will be asked again. Do you really want to quit this game? Be careful! This game is very attractive. You may not be able to stop the game!

Easy Gameplay for you

This game has quite simple gameplay. You just control the ball to pass the platforms. These platforms are arranged at the top and bottom of the playing screen. There is a space in the middle. You need to guide the ball through this gap safely. However, it is not easy because blanks have different dimensions. These gaps can also be high or low on the bottoms. You have to adapt to this change. Move as far as possible. There is a progress bar at the top of the screen. Fill this bar to advance to the next level.

The rings are placed in the middle of the gap. Try to collect as many rings as possible. All rings are safe to gather.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the color of your ball and the color of the platforms. Your ball can break the platform of the same color and go through it. However, the ball will break if it collides with other colored platforms.

How to control: Click your mouse to make your ball jump.


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