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Bubble Block Breaker


About Bubble Block Breaker

Bubble Block Breaker is a fascinating game of bubbles. Your task is to tap the bubbles to pop them up as much as possible, accumulating your score.

With Bubble Block Breaker, get rid of balloons by bouncing, multiplying and enhancing your bubbles! To bring down all the balloons, use your lifeboat to catch the balloon as it is descending. In this fun challenge, hit the red balls to get surprise boosters and use them effectively to level up!

The eye catching visual effects of this amazing bubble shooter will captivate you. With nine fireballs scorching all the bubbles, use your bubbles to hit boosters, collect them and get through the whole level in no time! Start with the first level and see how you handle the controls. As soon as the angle is just right, click to send the ball after positioning your boat in the optimal starting position.

Bubbles must not pop three times in a row, or all three lives will be lost, forcing a reboot. While the next stages will offer more bubbles and colors, the overall experience will be enhanced by the increasing challenge. Locate the best viewpoint to take your photo.

To catch the ball and change the angle of the shot, move the boat left and right. Get the right balls early in the level to get the advantage. Clean the area and use your boosters before they expire. Send your bubbles to other groups of bubbles of the same color to pop them. While moving through the stages, discover new abilities, combine them and watch the bubbles pop!

How to play

The mouse is used to play this game. By touching the screen, bubbles can be sent. Simply touch and hold the platform to move it. To collect bubbles, swipe left and right with your finger.


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