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Bouncing Balls


About Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls is a great ball shooting game where you need to shoot down the fastest balls, shoot balls of the same color to make them fall.

Enter the vibrant world of bubbles and try to pop as many as you can before time runs out! Prepare for battle by grabbing your glowing orbs. Because the sound will be very loud, you may want to protect your ears!

Due to its addictive nature, Bouncing Balls is very simple to play. Your goal as a player is to pop every single colored ball that you come across on a level. Aim with YOUR MOUSE and shoot with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON! You have to pop a sequence of colored balls in each level by shooting balls that match their color.

Making the ball fall off the playing surface requires matching a minimum of three colors. There won't be many colors in the first levels. Due to the frequent occurrence of clusters of the same color, these levels are easy to make. If the balls connected to the balls you dropped have no additional connection to the ceiling or any other balls, they will drop with the cluster

It's getting harder and harder to turn on the clusters on time as each level adds a new color. Time is limited for each level, so move quickly! The playing field decreases with each passing second and the game is over even if the ball touches the bottom of the screen.

Try your aim while watching rainbow of colorful bubbles fall from the sky. To get rid of the giant bubbles, follow the playing field and hit the spot

Use the mouse and aim accurately at the ball of the same color


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