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Bombs Drops Physics Balls


About Bombs Drops Physics Balls

Bombs Drops Physics Balls is an addictive game with extremely engaging gameplay, you won't leave your screen until you destroy many numbers.

Welcome to the Bombs Drops Physics Balls game! This game will take you to a world of logic but also full of chance. Other games like the Rolling Ball 3D game are often based on your skills. However, this game is different. Why is that? Why does luck go with logic? Let's start this game now to find out!

As soon as the game starts, you will be taken to a list of balls. These balls are very small. You will have to use the diamonds you earn to unlock them. There are different types of balls. The higher the price, the more unique the ball. You can compare the normal 250 diamond ball with the 450 diamond star ball. These two balls are completely different. Besides, there are many other skins for you to purchase for 350, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, etc diamonds. Collect as many diamonds as possible in the round to unlock your favorite skin. Another way to get diamonds is to watch ads. Watching ads will help you get a lot of diamonds.

How to play this arcade game

In this game, you need to calculate the shooting angle to shoot the ball. Shoot the ball from top to bottom to hit the blocks. These blocks have different numbers like 1,2,3,4,..15,..21, and many more. Each time the ball hits the block, it will decrease by 1 unit. After it turns to zero, that block will be removed. After each shot, an additional row of the blocks will appear. If the block reaches the top of the play screen, the game is over. After the ball is shot, it will move freely. If you are lucky enough, the balls will move from block to block. Otherwise, your balls can move out of the play screen immediately.

In addition, blocks come in many different shapes. They can be square, round or triangular. These blocks can move. This will create multiple directions of movement of the ball.

Moreover, you have 3 power-ups to help you play the game easier. Power-ups appear randomly on the playing screen. When the ball touches them, you can activate them immediately. Lightning power-up helps you reduce the number of blocks. Clock power-ups help you prevent adding block rows. Ball power-ups increase your ball count. Besides, you can also use diamonds to buy power-ups.

In order to collect diamonds in Bombs Drops Physics Balls, you need to shoot balls at the diamonds on the playing screen. You have to hit multiple times to successfully collect diamonds.

Tips to play the Bombs Drops Physics Balls game 

  • There are 12 levels you need to reach to get the diamonds, let's get started now! The game uses the physics of dropping balls at the top of the screen and making them bounce on as many collision blocks as possible.
  • The triangular circle blocks below contain certain numbers
  • Each time it falls and every time it touches the number blocks below, it will decrease by 1, the more numbers in the block the faster it will decrease, if it returns to 0 it will explode, but align the corners to Drop it so that the ball falls to create a collision between the blocks to explode as quickly as possible
  • Each turn when you destroy you will increase the number of balls, the more you increase, the easier it is to explode the blocks below
  • Be careful with each of your drops, if you drop it wrong, it will take 1 turn corresponding to the number blocks will move up, if so many times you will easily lose
  • Try to break all bricks in one shot or collect all bonuses to complete all super-fun levels.

How to control: Press and hold the left mouse button to aim. Release it to shoot.


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