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Blocku Golf


About Blocku Golf

Greetings from Blocku Golf. This game has a lot of challenging levels that not everyone can complete. We are excited to introduce Blocku Golf, a brand new online game, for the fans of sports like golf.

A playing field with the ball will show you on the screen in front of you. A hole indicated with a flag will be visible at a certain distance from it.

You have a certain amount of effort to get the ball into the hole. A number hung in the top left corner of the playing field will show the number of hits. To activate a special line, you must click on the ball.

You'll use it to determine the power and direction of your shot, and when you're ready, execute it. The ball will move in a certain trajectory and land in the hole if all the parameters are calculated correctly. By doing so, you will score goals and get points in the game of Blocku Golf.

You will be busy for a very long time with the simple but complex gameplay. Compete with your friends and push yourself to new limits. Unlock new challenges and levels.

Each level in Blocku Golf is unique. Simply put the ball in the hole, that's all it takes!

But you'll only get five chances — only five! You are also anticipating the next challenges on your way to achievement. There are nasty obstacles like sharp saws, abysses, and terrible rocks on your way.

Everything is similar to survival in the real world. But first, let's talk about Blocku Golf, a game that blends simplicity with engaging gameplay. It is full of completing challenging levels similar to classic Bounce or Gravity Defied.

To control it, you need to click on the screen with your finger or mouse. Then drag the pointer towards you (in the opposite direction of the throw) and release the mouse button or remove your finger from the screen. The strength of the throw will depend on how long the pointer moves. All you have to do is hit the ball into the hole, that's it! Very simple! Good luck!


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