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Balls And Bricks


About Balls And Bricks

Balls And Bricks is a game of skill, aim to break the blocks containing the numbers above how to clear them from the board and conquer the levels.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for simple entertainment without frills Balls And Bricks is a lighthearted game where all you do is aim and watch everything get destroyed.

Numbered bricks can be worn out by constant impact with infinite marbles. To complete each level, you'll need to buy more ammo, grab defensive missiles, and direct your fire on blocks before they can reach you. Take advantage of the walls to travel to the most remote areas of the map and keep up with the increasing number of challenges!

You will get a great workout from these bricks, but don't worry you will be able to show your improved fitness level after you win the game by collecting all the balls ! Simply use your mouse or touchscreen to click or tap anywhere on the screen, then drag to aim and release to shoot! Take advantage of walls to shoot more than one block at a time and eliminate a large number of enemies with a single shot. Try not to get distracted by the flashy neon theme and keep hitting harder on the upcoming blocks.

To get more moves before the ball is returned, you must tap the plus icons. This booster doubles the number of attacks you can perform during a round by returning the balls to the bricks once they have hit the ground. You can save your progress in the game by stopping at checkpoints, and if all else fails, you can start over from that point. Collect diamonds to unlock rare ball patterns and buy special boosters to get you out of a predicament!

How to play

Make precise adjustments to the position of the firing line with the mouse and remove as many obstacles from the screen in any way you can. The game ends as soon as any block is toppled. Good luck!


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