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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is an extremely interesting worm feeding game, your task is to help the blue worm move with the arrow keys to eat apples and reach the final destination.

The main character in this fascinating game is an aggressive worm that has to eat apples to get bigger and eventually crawl to the finish line. The game is based on exciting gameplay that seems simple at first glance, but reasonable calculation and attention is required to help the worm consume the apple before crossing the finish line. The player must consider how to both eat the apple and avoid the obstacle on the latter apple, which is only 3 squares long and corresponds to the moving and bridging gaps respectively.

Your worm was hungry, to begin with. In the maze, try a delicious apple. Apple consumption also facilitates escape. The apple is absorbed by your worm and increases in size. Then he would stoop to go there. Of course, it is very difficult to eat an apple without tripping or getting stuck. Every action you take in Apple Worm must be carefully considered. Otherwise, the level must be repeated. You can play the game as often as you want, so don't worry. You get experience by playing a level more times. Create a smart plan to get through that level from there.

Reach Apple Worm with these easy strategies.
Calculate the length and clearance of your worm. You can pass them if the length of the worm is greater than the opening.
The body of the worm can move and bend in different ways. However, it cannot go backwards.
You will enjoy the game more if playing in full screen mode.
Reaching the black ring is required to eat apples to keep the body longer.
Even while you are playing a game, playback controls, game music, and sound effects are all available on the screen.
game manager
To maneuver your worm, use the arrow keys or WASD.

Can you maintain your composure and concentration long enough to complete the level in this Apple Worm game?

In each level your goal is to get to the portal. To maneuver your worm, use WASD or the arrow keys. Try feeding the worms with apples if you can't get in the gate. However, you dare not get stuck or leave the level? Press the retry button or R to restart the level if you get stuck.


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