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Air Slip


About Air Slip

Air Slip is a new game that is being loved by young people when choosing as an entertainment game, the simple gameplay does not take too much of your time in each game, but you can play it easily or not. ?

Air Slip is a game when you join you need to control the beam in the center of the screen you can easily see when you click start

In that beam boss there is a green sphere on the beam and it is moved along the beam as it rotates

Pay attention! From the top of the game screen green and purple cubes move downward around the beam, so what's your mission?

Your goal in the game is to catch the green blocks with the green ball on the beam and avoid the purple blocks. The result is only counted if you catch a green block. For every purple block you touch, you lose a life. You have the right to make three mistakes after that game is over.

The gameplay is simple, you just tap to rotate the beam and control the ball to catch only the green blocks. Avoid the purple cubes for the highest score! You definitely can! Let's break the record

Touch the screen to change the direction of rotation of the beam.


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