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Rolling Ball 3D

About Rolling Ball 3D

Rolling Ball 3D is an excellent running game where you have to control a ball to roll as far as possible to level up and collect as many diamonds as possible.

Take a deep breath and get ready to participate in the rolling ball competition now! In this game, you will participate in city races. Colorful 3D cities. However, this city has something special. The city has many buildings. However, these buildings are not like ordinary buildings. They are made up of neon blocks. You don't see any images other than block buildings. That will make you feel new. They are like tech cities. Where you live with digital technologies. You may or may not like cities like these. However, the newness is a certain feeling you can feel.

The Basic Rules for All Races in the Rolling Ball 3D game

Rolling 3D mechanic is really simple. In this game, your mission is to control a ball to roll as far as possible. Your ball will automatically move. You just need to navigate for your ball. There are many finish lines along the slopes. Try to reach the finish line to move on to the next level. The further you run, the higher your level. You will also get a higher score. Try to get as many points as possible.

This game is endless. The further you go, the higher the level is. However, the higher level features an increasing degree of difficulty. Specifically, the speed of the ball will increase gradually and there are more and more tricky obstacles and dangers. 

Remember to collect as many diamonds as possible.

5 Biggest Dangers when you play the online rolling ball game

The slopes are incredibly steep and their position is unpredictable. Besides, you have to pay attention to the platforms. The platforms are movable. In particular, they can vibrate continuously. It is a big challenge for many players to balance the ball through these areas. 

In addition, the size of these platforms may vary. You may be moving on a large platform. However, the foundation that immediately followed was a small foundation. Difficulties will keep coming.

Moreover, be careful with red blocks that you find on the way. They are in tricky positions, so you have to be quick to avoid them. 

Furthermore, when your ball rolls through the tunnel, try not to bump into its walls. There are red walls around. It's the dead zone. The game will be over if your ball crash into them. The game will also stop if you fall into space.

Finally, there are great distances between the two platforms. They force you to use the slanted boards. However, sometimes, being able to use them is not easy because slanted boards are in a challenging position. They may be located directly behind obstacles. Therefore, you need to control very skillfully to use the slanted boards.

How to control

  • Use the right arrow key to move to the right.
  • Use the left arrow key to move to the left.

Power-ups and Skins

This game offers 3 power-ups to assist you as the game progresses, so use them wisely. 


The first one is a shield that protects you from deadly obstacles. Secondly, use magnets to attract all diamonds along the road. You don’t need to move from side to side to collect diamonds. Thirdly, activate an x2 diamond power-up to double the number of diamonds you get. Use the diamonds you earn to purchase more power-ups in the store. However, you should use reasonable power-ups. Make sure you have power-ups to use whenever you need them.


A shop sells many kinds of balls such as basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball, baseball, beach ball, pool ball, and so on. Each skin has a different design and color. Use the diamonds you earn to buy your favorite ball. 

Benefits and Suitability 

The game not only helps to entertain but also improves your reflexes and focus and concentration skills. Therefore, this game can be played by any age. Children under 18 can play it without the consent of their parents. 

You can play it on our website for free. This game is playable on both PC and mobile. Come on! Tap to play Rolling Ball 3D now. It will give you more excitement than other slope games. Let’s see how far you can go and what your highest score you can get.

3 Tips to Beat Rolling Ball 3D

Control the Ball to Stay in the Middle of the Track

Ball control is very important. If you cannot navigate the ball correctly, the ball will easily collide or fall into space. In order to make sure the ball is safe, the ball should move in between the platforms. It is harder for the ball to fall into space. Besides, you can also easily avoid the walls of the tunnels. If you encounter red blocks in the middle of the platform, you don't need to worry too much. You have two options in this situation. You can choose to move left or right.

Use all Slant Boards


Across platforms, there are slant boards. You should use these boards because they help you jump further. There are platforms that are far apart so that you won't be able to jump over them yourself. You need support from this item. Make sure you can run to the slant boards when you're about to jump to another platform.

Stay Focused while Playing

This running game offers you a variety of obstacles and dangers. In particular, these dangers vary in both shape and speed. Therefore, you need to be highly focused to promptly respond to dangers. Besides, you should look ahead to determine the location of obstacles or inclined boards in the distance.

These tricks may not work in all cases. However, if you follow these tips, your results will be higher. Besides, you also easily overcome challenges.


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